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Golden Visa

Meaning of the new programme of residence permit also known as Golden Visa or ARI.

The Golden Visa is a new kind of residence visa established by the Law nº23/2007, on the 4th of July, destined to capture investment to the Portuguese territory and allows Citizens, from outside the Schengen Area, to move freely through the countries that are a part of it.

For this visa to be obtained it is only required, that the applicant makes a significant investment in Portugal, either himself or through a single-member company that maintains an established office in Portugal.

This legal status provides a wide range of benefits for the non EU Citizens that are willing to make the required investment. The Golden Visa instantly provides a visa, for the total period of 5 years, that allows its applicant to freely move through the countries belonging to the Schengen Area. It also allows the possibility to request the family reunification, allowing the beneficiary of the Golden Visa, to bring its immediate family to Portugal, under conditions similar to his own.